• Height:
  • C / W / H:
    34 F / 30 / 43

  • Biography:

    Heather is a 21 year old and is currently a student studying biotechnology. She enjoys good food, and considers herself a foodie and can cook a three course meal for ten on very short notice. Heather enjoys working out and keeping in shape and in particular powerlifting. Heather is of Eastern European descent and speaks three languages. She has a curvy and busty figure and likes to accentuate it with a corset on occasion. She is very persistent about obtaining her goal. She appears straight laced and not into anything risque, a sort of girl next door from Brooklyn and that is part of her charm.

    Heather is a typical nerd. She enjoys solving puzzles like Rubik’s cubes (her current record is just under a minute). She has 29 different puzzles that she enjoys. She also is a fan of anime and has posters hanging in her room as well as random trinkets that are from her favorite shows.

    Heather’s main interest in modeling is creating art. A “late-bloomer” of sorts, she only has started bdsm modeling recently and enjoys all photographs that play with light as it falls on her. You wouldn’t know it by looking at her but she’s as kinky they come. Her favorite shoots are the one that lead to her being tied up and vulnerable, however she is a switch and enjoys being a dominatrix sometimes.

    Heather is shy and quiet in person is the epitome of the saying “lady in the streets, freak in the sheets” as behind closed doors she unleashes a side for experimentation and lust.