Miss Jerii



  • Height:
  • C / W / H:
    32 B / 25 / 30

  • Biography:

    Miss Jerii was born and raised in Queens, New York, until the age of 12. She then moved to Miami, where she spent her days rollerblading, going to the beach, and basking in the lively nightlife of the city. Still, she couldn't stand to be away from the concrete jungle for too long, and she moved back to NYC after high school. She currently resides happily in the Bronx.

    Jerii has been studying drama all her life. She studied acting for film and theatre at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy until 2012. Since, she's been featured in webisodes, full feature and student films, as well as Off Off Broadway stage productions. Some of her work include rolls like 'Little Red' in “Little Red in the Hood", as well as 'Daphne, a Fairy' in the production for the New York Renaissance Faire.

    Not only is Miss Jerii passionate about acting, but she's a lover of all art trades, and music is not one to be forgotten! She has an eclectic taste in music, from the jazzy soul of Amy Winehouse, to dancing to up-beats of mainstream popular music, all the way to the loudest heaviest voice screaming head banging metal that you could find. Heavy metal in particular has a special place in this dark fairy's heart. Jerii has a studious background in music theory as well as vocal studies, ranging from musical theatre, contemporary, and alternative singing.

    Other interests of Jerii's include daily yoga practice, oil painting, and dancing while cleaning her apartment. She owns a hairless cat named Yoda. And but not least, she's a lover of all things nerdy, specializing in Star Wars and Doctor Who.

    A warm heart with a rugged way about her, Miss Jerii loves welcoming new friends with open arms and a sarcastic joke. There is a fierce drive in her that you can't miss. Always considered a tough tomboy type, she's not shy to say what's on her mind and always welcomes new challenges. Now she's ready to show off all the sides that make Miss Jerii who the she is through the lens of a camera!